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Amla Capsules


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Amla Powder is a multi-purpose ingredient, used for many years. It carries various goodness, which is extremely helpful for us. It is highly nutritious, carrying vitamin C, iron & calcium. Moreover, it is an excellent anti-oxidant also, which is great in various ways. Amla helps to improve digestion and relieve acidity. It is also effective for diabetics as it helps control blood glucose levels. It helps prevent aging, greying of hair and boosts immunity. High Level  Of Natural Vitamin C And Antioxidants Which Will Help Restore Energy, Digestive Health, Vitality, Rejuvenate Your System And Flush Toxins. Amla is effective for lightening the skin because of Vitamin C. Amla is a rich source of vitamin C, an exceptional remedy for skin, hair and health problems. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Indian gooseberry has been traditionally consumed to keep health issues at bay in our country. Its vital properties miraculously boost your immunity system for the long run. These benefits and medicinal values are mentioned in many Government approved Siddha Medical books
  • Product Benefits
    • Is rich in Nutrient
    • Used for Hair care
    • Used for Skin care
    • Rich in vitamin c
    • Improves over all immune system
    • Has anti-inflammatory properties
    • helps to remove toxins naturally, acts as anti-oxidant and increases energy levels
    • Boosts digestion
    • Improves eye sight
    • Reduces constipation & painful ulcers
    • Makes your skin glow & Brightens skin
    • Cleanses skin by cleaning pimples
    • Strengthens hair & Nourishes the scalp and roots and promotes the growth
    • Acts as a natural conditioner for healthy, shiny hair
    • Has Anti-ageing features

    These benefits and medicinal values are mentioned in many Government approved Siddha Medical books

  • Ingredients

    Amla Fruit Powder
    Hydroxymethylpropyl Cellulose (Vegetable Capsule)

  • Suggestion to Use

    Take 2 Capsules in a day or as directed by your Health Practitioner.

  • Additional information


    240 cap – 500MG, 30cap-500MG, 60cap – 500MG, 90cap – 500MG, 120cap – 500MG


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